There flows both water and road connections through the area of the municipality of Rantsila. Siikajoki river dominates the landscape with surrounding cultivated field areas. Large forests and wet lands complete the rich picture of the nature in Rantsila. And this nature lives. Kurunneva is a wet land area formerly in peat production and now home for variety of bird species. Many services have been developed for bird watchers and other nature admirers in Kurunneva.

Rantsila lives from soil, forest and peat. But even more important than these natural resources is the service sector which employs the majority of people living in the municipality. From the industrial sectors mechanical engineering and food processing are the most significant ones. Lately a business incubator for information technology has been founded.

In Rantsila past and present mix with each other in a fresh way. One takes care of the own cultural heritage but also uses methods and technologies of the new information society era. New things will be created without forgetting the past.