Pyhäntä is a part of triangle which links three Finnish regions to each other: Northern Ostrobotnia,. Kainuu and Northern Savo. Virgin and leafy forests of meet here with landscapes of steady ostrobotnian rivers and of lakes and hills from Savo. Water is the element which characterises Pyhäntä. Here are the roots of many rivers and big lakes with generous fish resources and hundreds of kilometres of beaches.

Pyhäntä is the most industrialised rural municipality in the Northern Ostrobotnia. Wood and food processing are the main income sources for people in Pyhäntä. Connected to these industries forestry and agriculture also offer employment for many.

Days of Perttuli is a folkloric event in August, which has long tradition in Pyhäntä. Ancient relics can be found in the nature as well as in the municipal museum.