Pulkkila is linking east to west, north to south, while two major road connections in Finland are crossing each other there. In Pulkkila travellers are meeting each other and the rich nature with large wilderness areas. A bit maritime feeling is created through the artificial lake of Uljua, which regulates day and night huge water masses in order to produce electricity for the region.

The largest steel pipe producing factory operates in Pulkkila and not only the steel sector is employing people here. Professionals in different sectors are found in Pulkkila and small business sector is flourishing in the region. Good basic service infrastructure constitutes one of the most important strengths of the municipality.

The monument of Finnish War (1808-1809) tells the visitors about the old and glorious past of Pulkkila as a war field. Here Finnish troops broke the enemy's defence line. Masterful Finnish classical writer, Ilmari Kianto, saw his first daylight in the vicarage of Pulkkila. So no wonder that people from Pulkkila gather together every second summer to celebrate their victorious home village.