The geographic center point of Finland can be found in a village called Leskelä which is situated in the municipality of Piippola. Main road connection between north and south in Finland crosses Piippola. River Lamujoki flows over the area and widens near the municipal center to an artificial lake Kortteinen. Kortteinen offers richness for both fishers and hunters.

Piippola has a very active small business community in different economic sectors. Forest, metal and agriculture are the main sectors. In the economic development Piippola Institute of Crafts and Design has often had proactive role. It also hosts the regional development agency of the sub-region, Siikalatva Development Center.

Beyond the museum road and the regional folkloric museum Piippola cultural life is enriched by impressive amount of cultural events and institutions. These are gathered around themes like folk songs and literature of Pentti Haanpää, famous Finnish writer. Regional central point summer theatre surprises every year visitors with new spectacles.