Town of Haapavesi spreads out in the middle of swamps, forests and fields in the southern part of Oulu region. Haapavesi, named as the pearl of Ostrobotnia, has shining landscapes with hills and lakes, from which Lake of Ainali is one of the most important bird lakes in Finland.

Haapavesi overflows with vitality, which can be best described with words energetic, powerful and fast moving. In its peat-burning power plant, which is the biggest in Europe, Haapavesi produces electricity and also otherwise economic life of the region is full of stream. The most important sectors are food processing, wood industry, mechanical engineering and electronics. Good basis for the economic development lays in the position of the town in the crossroads of many important road connections.

Haapavesi is also known as a traditional school town. Many of its educational institutions have a history of more than 100 years. In the summer time Haapavesi life turns into music. Haapavesi Folk is an international music festival and Hintan Soitto fills the air with joyful sounds of Finnish folk music. Haapavesi is also nominated to the hometown of Finnish national instrument, Kantele.