Siikalatva subregion

Siikalatva subregion consists of six municipalities around the geographic center point of Finland: Haapavesi, Kestilä, Piippola, Pulkkila, Pyhäntä ja Rantsila. On the map subregion looks like a fan or like a rainbow in all its' colours. In Siikalatva flatland mixes with ridges, huge forests with large areas of swamps, old wildernesses with modern highways. Siikalatva glows also in blue. Lakes, bonds and rivers are shining sometimes glassy, sometimes wildly foaming in dark blue.

Siikalatva subregion develops itself with enterprising spirit. Production structure covers nearly all economic sectors. Knowledge and skills can be found in areas like food processing, wood processing, mechanical engineering, electronics, metal and steel industry and modern information technologies. Beyond big industrial undertakings region has its' strength in large number of small companies which are mainly active in service production. Siikalatva has a well organised and developed basic infrastructure with good transport connections. Furthermore region is vitalised by basic production in agriculture and forestry.

If landscapes and economic life are admirable rich in their diversity so is the cultural life vital and genuine. International music plays together with local folklore in festivals, concerts and dance floors. Summer theatre, folkloric events, exhibitions and visiting artist are integral part of the cultural life in this historic region as well as monuments, ancient buildings and museums. Leisure time can also be spend in various hobby circles, numerous sport arts, wildlife activities or just by relaxing in the peaceful nature. Cultivation of one's mind is supported by good educational facilities. Only imagination sets the limits and if it gets wings innovative person can fly high and free. Heaven has no limits in Siikalatva.