Siikalatva development center

Siikalatva subregion offers excellent conditions for business activities:

  • competent and hard-working labour force
  • flexible facility arrangements
  • central location in the middle of Finland
  • high quality advice and consulting services
  • training and product development services
  • benefits of EU objective 1- programme and other regional development funding

Siikalatva Development Center is responsible for developing economic activities in the region of Siikalatva. Development work is done in following action fields:

  • planning development strategy
  • implementing the strategy through development projects
  • running and co-ordination of projects
  • producing business support services
  • promoting entrepreneurship with the support of training
  • developing international co-operation
  • representing interest of the subregion

Contact information:
Siikalatva Development Center
Keskustie 29
FIN-92620 Piippola
Tel. +358 8 8119230
Fax +358 8 8119100